IShift Corp.

So why do clients prefer working with IShift Corp.?

We just do not want to boast about it, but would like to state the facts here.....


Deploys a systematic approach to attracting and recruiting the best talent.

We believe that our client simply deserve the best and with this belief as the focal point we have structured our Key Quality Controls


IShift Corp. has its own unique standing in staffing services industry.

We are distinguished for our quality of service and excellence in client satisfaction.


One-Stop Career solution Provider

We groom you from scratch to the professional look-up what a client expects.


Technology Ignited

All new technology tools to extend training in simplest and quickest way.


We can train any one!

You can be a non IT guy or would like to shift from one technology to another; our team is professional enough to make over you!




Resume Preparation

1. A resume is a self-marketing tool. It is designed with one purpose in mind - to "sell" your skills, knowledge, and experience to an employer so that he/she will invite you  for an interview. An effective resume speaks to the employer's needs and requirements and demonstrates a match between what you have to offer and those  requirements. It stimulates interest in you by summarizing information: unique qualities, well developed skills, relevant work or academic experiences, or accomplishments that clearly differentiates you from the competition.
2. Be certain that your document is neat, error- and smudge-free, typed, centered, and complete. The form is often copied and widely circulated internally, and a typed form is  a more effective presentation.
3. In preparing to write your resume, remember that you can only count on an employer to spend twenty seconds scanning your resume before deciding whether to review it  further or put it aside.
4. So, our team of experts help you in designing the resume in the most skillful way so that it can open up any job opportunity with ease.

Interview Preparation

The current situation, however, does tend to mean that a whole lot of other people are also looking for new jobs, so you need to have a jump on the competition by presenting yourself at interview in the best possible light, no matter whether you've been made redundant or are looking for something fresh and motivating. Even have been helping people develop their careers, present themselves more effectively, identify their best skills and acknowledge their unique qualities, all with the aim of interviewing well and getting terrific jobs. We continue to support individuals in building their confidence and skills which in turn enable them to go after their next job. We have Interview One to One Coaching, Presentation, Personal Impact, Body Language, Assertiveness and Leadership courses designed to help stack the job seeking odds in your favour.

1. The interview is the last step of the hiring process and the most important. It offers both you and the employer the opportunity to meet one another, exchange information  and come to tentative conclusions about "hiring" one another. The interview is a two-way process. You evaluate the employer while he/she evaluates you.
2. Preparation is the key component to successful interviewing. Learn as much as you can about the company prior to going to the interview. Visit the company's website  and access any available company literature. Know the services, products and mission of the employer.
3. It is a good idea when scheduling an interview with an employer to ask with whom you will be interviewing, how long should you plan for the interview and what kind of  format will it follow. Discovering this will help you prepare for and visualize your interviewing experience.
4. The questions you ask may reveal your level of interest in the position, the employer, and your preparedness for the interview. Ask questions that demonstrate a genuine  interest in and knowledge of the company and position.
5. To make sure that you perform your interview, we conduct mock interviews. The purpose of a mock interview is to provide you with an opportunity to practice the interview  and get direct experience responding to specific questions about what you want to do, and why, and how your background has prepared you for the position.
6. Write down everything you feel you handled right and wrong. Note any information you may need to include in your thank you letter. Use the interview as a learning experience. Send a thank you letter. Be sure to reiterate your interest in the position/organization. If you do not hear back from the employer within the prescribed time, make a follow up phone call to find out what the status of the search process is for the position you interviewed for.