IShift Corp.

So why do clients prefer working with IShift Corp.?

We just do not want to boast about it, but would like to state the facts here.....


Deploys a systematic approach to attracting and recruiting the best talent.

We believe that our client simply deserve the best and with this belief as the focal point we have structured our Key Quality Controls


IShift Corp. has its own unique standing in staffing services industry.

We are distinguished for our quality of service and excellence in client satisfaction.


One-Stop Career solution Provider

We groom you from scratch to the professional look-up what a client expects.


Technology Ignited

All new technology tools to extend training in simplest and quickest way.


We can train any one!

You can be a non IT guy or would like to shift from one technology to another; our team is professional enough to make over you!



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Though, I have been in the IT field for over fifteen years, I learned so many important rules that I did not know. You strengthened the fact that it is never too late to learn. Your approach to a very stale subject is very engaging and fun and your faculty brings out the best in people with your examples. I look forward to your upcoming courses.
Richa Aggarwal, SAP ABAP Consultant
I couldn't be more delighted! Working with Ishift, Corp. has been a splendidly positive experience, where my expectations were exceeded. I unequivocally recommend Ishift, Corp. to those interested in improving their verbal communication skills.
Prof. Vijay Kumar, CIEFL, Hyderabad, India
Doing business with Ishift, Corp. greatly improved our customer service representatives communication skills. They treat our clients and customers in a more mannerly way. Ishift, Corp. has improved our everyday behavior, both internally and externally.
Bob Patel, AVM Consulting, Santa Clara, CA
Thank you again for your presentation. I have had so many managers come to me and say how they thought you were talking directly to them! So, we are inspired to keep improving our communication skills and appreciate your direction.
SK Majumdar, Sr. Consultant, Canadian Hawk Solutions
The course went very well. Your flexibility in working with the consultants contributed to their success. The participants have all made positive comments regarding what they learned. I have observed a significant improvement in their presentation of ideas. They clearly introduce the subject, provide background information and state their expectations. Your course was a great help. I would be happy to recommend you to others who may be considering your courses.
Srinivas K, Sr. Oracle DBA consultant
Thank you for contributing to the success of the Annual Conference, Jan 2011. As our evening keynote speaker on Thursday, your presentations on ‘Better Training, Better Job” were enlightening and beneficial. I look forward to an ongoing relationship with you and your company, Ishift, Corp.. Your time and commitment to our conference was much appreciated.
Deb Juggro, Manager (OO), Executives Solutions Provider, LA
Overall, your professionalism, your faculty’s training style, and the content of the course kept it interesting and easy to follow. We believe in what you have trained us, having tried it first hand, I can honestly say, your training works; your methods and ideas have proven themselves. I look forward for more training with you again and again in the future.
Jill Addison, Sr. Business Analyst
Using this company targeted exactly what I was trying to say and helped me to organize it succinctly. It showed me the difference between an adequate job as compared to a real, professional job. I was very satisfied with the final collaboration.
Shirlee Nead, New Era Sporting Games
Working with Ishift, Corp. has been a very positive experience. Everything about the training is exemplary! Trainers have made it a point to tell me how pleased they are with the improvements made in the communications skills of the participants. The Workshop on "Interview Skills" is an extremely effective program. We are looking forward for more follow-up sessions and we recommend your Services.
Raavi Nengina, SAP CRM Consultant